Lucien Brisebois

Lawyer |

After attending the University of Ottawa and obtaining his LLB degree in 1969, Lucien began practising law in 1971 in the heart of Ottawa as an associate. In 1979, Lucien moves his practice to start a law firm in Orleans; He has since been an integral part in the community for the past thirty-three (33) years.

A few years after the passing of his partner John Webster (Webster & Brisebois), Lucien decided to join Sicotte Guilbault LLP in 2011. You could say by moving to Sicotte Guilbault LLP, Lucien has returned to his roots. It just so happens an associate partner in the firm, Sylvie Patenaude, is the daughter if his former office colleague back in 1975, Jean-Marc Patenaude.

Outside the law practice, Lucien has always enjoyed being involved in the community and is presently the President of an eight hundred (800) member organization called ‘Le Rendez-vous des Ainés Francophones d`Ottawa’.

Competencies for Lucien

  • Residential & Commercial Refinancing
  • Residential Purchase & Sale

Direct Line:

(613) 837-1140


(613) 837-7408 (ext: 261)


What you should know about Lucien:

His capacity to recall his extensive network of clients and acquaintances is completely out of the ordinary. The six degrees of separation don’t seem to apply to Lucien.