Danie Belair

Assistant | dbelair@sicotte.ca

After graduating with Honors from La Cite Collegiale in 1989, she seized the opportunity to start a career in the legal field by joining Mr Coderre’s law firm. Many would say that after 20 years of working together to serve clients efficiently and expeditiously, Danie and Mr. Coderre seem to have developed their own ‘morse code’ as a communicative method.

Competencies for Danie

  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Application for guardianship


(613) 837-7408 (ext: 231)

What you should know about Danie:

Although not all clients get to meet Danie when visiting the firm, they will certainly hear her echoing laugh resonate throughout the 2nd floor of our building to the parking lot. On a personal front, Danie enjoys jogging in the outdoors, as well as spending quality time in family adventures.