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Family Law

Sicotte Guilbault LLP offers experience and client specific advice for the simplest uncontested family proceedings, such as separation, divorce, child custody, to the most complex financial cases involving trusts, forensic auditing, accounting and business valuations.

Sicotte Guilbault LLP offers a range of experienced litigators, mediators, arbitrators and collaborative lawyers to assist in every circumstance.

The lawyers in our Family Law department have concentrated their efforts in this core area of practice and have the breadth of experience necessary to assist with comprehensive resolutions of all family law issues.

We proceed on the basis that each case is unique and requires detailed knowledge and understanding on our part. We work alongside our clients and use our experience in order to craft the best possible resolution in a manner custom tailored for the circumstances presented.

Our Family Law Practice Area has considerable training and experience in all methods of dispute resolution, including negotiation, arbitration, mediation, collaboration and litigation. Our lawyers are sensitive to emotional issues and events that often arise from a family breakdown. We believe that each client should make decisions from an informed perspective and we strive to provide our clients with an understanding of the legal principles and court processes that may affect them.

From the simplest uncontested proceedings to the most complex financial cases involving trusts, forensic auditing and accounting and business valuations, our lawyers have the specific knowledge required to seek the most effective solution for our clients.

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