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Sicotte Guilbault focuses on providing clients with a wide range of specialized corporate, commercial, municipal, employment, real estate, litigation & alternate dispute resolution, and family law services.

Our legal practice is based on using our expertise to determine the most timely, stress-free and cost-effective solutions to your personal and business legal challenges.

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About Sicotte Guilbault

Sicotte Guilbault Legal Services was established in 1993 as a community-based solo practice. Today, we have a large team of over 50 legal professionals providing a full range of legal services. We believe the practice of law is about providing the problem-solving expertise needed to navigate your legal challenges. We want to reduce your anxiety and provide a stress-free client environment, one where you're confident, you're being heard and getting real value.

We believe every relationship counts. We listen and make sure you know we're on your team. We know your time is valuable. And we fully explain your options so you can make informed decisions. You can expect confidentiality, a lack of bias and the most effective solutions to meet your individual needs. Plus an ongoing commitment to keep improving to serve you better.

Our clients' gratitude—and huge role they've played in our growth—proves putting you first is our strength.

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Our Pledge

At Sicotte Guilbault, we pledge to help you navigate your legal challenges with confidence. We want to create an environment where working with a lawyer is a stress-free experience, where you feel heard and know you’re getting real value. All of our practice values are based on treating you with attention and respect, and our commitment to finding real solutions and keep improving to offer you more.

How can we help?

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How can we help you?

Practicing law is about solving problems. Your problems, the kind that come with starting a business, hiring new staff, buying a house or a commercial property, getting married, resolving a dispute with your employer, or planning for your future. With a diverse team of law professionals with expertise and experience in a range of law specialties, we can put knowledge to work for you. So talk to us. Tell us about your challenges. We’re listening.

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