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2021-01-15 • Thought

Covid-19 influences changes to the Rules of Civil Procedures

  • by: Simon Regimbald

As of January 1, 2021, the Rules of Civil Procedures have been amended to modernize Ontario’s justice system and allow for among other things: video hearings, electronic signatures and more.

2020-09-14 • Press

Resumption of Limitation Periods and Time Periods

  • by: Stéphane Hutt

As you may be aware, limitation periods established in statutes, regulations, rules, by-laws, or orders of the Government of Ontario and time periods in proceedings

2020-06-24 • Press

3 simple tips on recalls and work refusals

  • by: Émilie Leblanc Lacasse

As the province is now in Phase 2 of reopening the economy, many Employers reopening their business are starting to recall employees to work. Business is obviously not as usual and upon recall, some employees might fear for their safety for various reason

2020-06-12 • Press

Suspension of Limitation Periods and Time Periods

  • by: Stéphane Hutt

Due to COVID-19's unprecedented impact on the justice system, the Province is extending the suspension of limitation periods and time periods in proceedings until September 11, 2020 under s.7.1 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

2020-06-08 • Press

Update on Commercial Tenancies : the CECRA

  • by: Martin Robertson

As the world is slowly inching towards reopening, the federal and provincial governments have finally put in place an important measure to counter the struggles the last few months have caused for Canadian businesses. As of May 25th, the Canada Mortgage a

2020-05-22 • Press

COVID-19 and Commercial Mortgages

  • by: Sylvie Patenaude

Some of the major banks are offering financial relief program for small business customers directly impacted by COVID-19, but is there anything being offered for commercial real estate mortgages?