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2020-05-22 • Press

COVID-19 and Commercial Mortgages

  • by: Sylvie Patenaude

Some of the major banks are offering financial relief program for small business customers directly impacted by COVID-19, but is there anything being offered for commercial real estate mortgages?

2020-05-20 • Press

Update regarding Tribunals’ Closure – Civil Litigation

  • by: Maxime Desforges

As of May 19, 2020, certain cases in addition to urgent ones may be heard by video-conference, by telephone or in writing. In addition, the virtual courts are open for some types of matters, which varies per region.

2020-05-13 • Press

Commercial Tenants and Landlords: Know Your Obligations During These Uncertain Times.

  • by: Martin Robertson

Commercial tenants across the country are having to face difficult questions, not least of all how they will pay their rent in the coming months.

2020-04-29 • Press

If you want asset protection, you need a family trust

  • by: Kevin Montpellier

The Family Trust is very much alive, and more useful than ever. As we move towards the post COVID-19 era, asset protection and capital gains splitting remain the key features of a Family Trust.

2020-04-24 • Press

Construction Lien Matters During the COVID-19 Epidemic

  • by: Stéphane Hutt

Are you a contractor or subcontractor that has not been paid or has concerns about getting paid? Do you own a property against which a construction lien has been registered? Do you have any other construction related needs?

2020-04-22 • Thought

The Answer to Social Distancing: Hybrid and Virtual Meetings

  • by: Roy Machaalany

With the implementation of social distancing directives, corporations are struggling to keep their business a float and are looking for alternatives to in-person directors' meetings and annual general meetings of shareholders.